How do I setup my email stationery using Thunderbird?

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  1. Make sure you have your stationery ready. It will be sent to you by our designers in the form of an HTML document and some images. Save these on your computer, and remember where you save them.
  2. Open your computer's My Documents folder (which can be found in your Start menu), and create a new folder called "Thunderbird Add-ons". Download the "Stationery" Thunderbird Add-on and save it in the new "Thunderbird Add-ons" folder.
  3. Open Thunderbird, and in the top menu select Tools and then Add-ons. A window for managing Add-ons will pop up. Click on the Install button in the bottom-left corner of the Add-ons window.
  4. Another window will pop up titled "Select an extension to install". Go to your My Documents folder, then the Thunderbird Add-ons folder, and double click the Stationery add-on.
  5. A security window will pop up reminding you only to install add-ons from authors you trust. This is standard. Wait for the "Install" button to finish its countdown, and when it says Install Now, click it.
  6. A bar should drop down saying "Restart Thunderbird to complete your changes." You can click the Restart Thunderbird button to do it right away, or you can close the Add-ons window and do it later. The Stationery Add-on will not work until Thunderbird has been completely closed and then started again.
  7. Once Thunderbird has been restarted, go to the top menu and click on Tools and then Stationery Options.
  8. Click the Add New button, and navigate to where you saved your stationery files. Double click on the stationery that you want to use. If you have more than one stationery template, you can repeat this until they've all been added.
  9. If you don't want your stationery to be the default (ie., what comes up automatically when you start a new email), click once on the "without stationery" line, and then click the Up button until it's at the very top of the list.
  10. When you're finished everything, click OK.
  11. Next to the Write button on Thunderbird should be a tiny black arrow pointing down (see the screencap). Click on that arrow, and a drop-down list should appear, showing all of the stationery that you just added.
  12. Click on the stationery file that you would like to use, and your stationery will be applied to the new message.


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