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Unfortunately, our staff here at Radar Hill are not always qualified to answer all questions regarding Internet connections and email support. To that end, we've compiled a list of useful third-party help desks that you may contact for further assistance.


How do I find out my IP/browser/Flash/etc.?

If you are having technical issues, your IT guide will likely ask you questions about the type and version of your internet applications. You can get a quick and very simple list of your browser specifications by going to the Support Details website.


Email SupportInternet SupportOn-site Computer Support Operating System Support


Email Support

Mac OS X Mail

Support for Mac Mail on the official Apple website

Outlook Express


Thunderbird Help & Tutorials on the official Mozilla website

Internet Support

Shaw Victoria Technical Support
Sales & Customer Care 250-475-5655
Technical Support (24/7/365) 250-475-5655
Business Sales & Customer Care 250-475-7272
Business Technical Support 250-414-7401
Shaw Miracle Worker for Business Accounts
within Victoria: Marian Paris 250-475-7203
Telus Phone & Internet Client Service
Internet / ADSL / Mainstream Technical Support
- Troubleshooting
1-877-310-TECH (8324)


On-Site Computer Support

within Victoria: Darryl Mitchell: 250-478-4131


Operating System Support

iPhone Support

General iPhone support on the official Apple website

Mac OS X Support

Support for all current versions of Mac OS X on the official Apple website

Ubuntu Support

Windows Online Support

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