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We've made some changes to our Bemail system in order to better improve our process! You will now be able to edit the content of your own Bemail proofs and submit your approval online. An overview of the new process is listed below.

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties or errors while using the system, please feel free to contact us at 250-477-6395 or bemail@radarhill.com.

  1. The main Bemail order form has not changed. Please fill it out as you normally would.
  2. Once your Bemail has been generated, you will be sent an email containing:
    • a link to your proof preview,
    • a link to a page where you can edit your Bemail if you have any changes,
    • and a link to a page where you can approve your Bemail once it's ready to go out.

    These links are unique to your Bemail — you cannot edit it without them. If you're worried about the email getting lost in your junk or spam folder, make sure to add bemail@radarhill.com to your email contact list so that your mail client recognizes it as a trusted sender.

  3. On the editing page for your Bemail, you will be able to change the listing address, price, remarks, open house date, and virtual tour link. If you have changes for other information on your Bemail, you will have to contact bemail@radarhill.com, and we will make the changes for you. There may be changes in the future allowing for the editing of photos and other information.
  4. Once you save your Bemail edits you will be sent a new proof with the changes. From there you can edit again, or approve that version of the proof.
  5. Once you approve your proof, you will no longer be able to edit your Bemail. Any emergency changes will have to be sent to bemail@radarhill.com . We will also provide a final proofread to catch any errors or formatting issues.
  6. The 1:00 pm approval deadline for the day of delivery is still in effect. You will still be able to edit Bemails that have not been approved by that time, but they will be moved to the next available time slot for delivery.

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